What started out as a summer job for a young college student, would inspire Mark Barker to start his own construction and home building business in 1984. Mark’s natural gift for the artistic in design would propel him to be recognized for some of the more incredible homes that bless the Western North Carolina landscapes. Mark’s diversity with his craft would contribute to a credit of over 200 custom homes/remodels to his portfolio. Homes from under 2,000 to 18,000 square feet, and some of the homes caused more than a few custom builders to step back and decline to even bid because of their seeming unrealistic design challenges. However, Mark was eager to take on new challenges, and in the process, would make new discoveries and build life-long relationships with his clients through trust, unwavering commitment,raw talent and ability.

The housing crash and financial crises of 2008-2009 certainly etched out a place in our nation’s history. This is also the time when Mark looked to what the future of housing might look like. He began to concentrate on designing a home that was affordable, ultra-efficient, suitable for a multitude of different climates, scalable in size, fireproof, termite resistant, and would produce very little construction waste. Through the use of innovative building materials, coupled with a patent pending system of construction that forms the marriage of some of our Earth’s natural gifts, now a more practical home can be more than just affordable…it can be as efficient as it is beautiful. At Last, Mark’s vision that began over a decade ago is not just a viable choice for today, but a promise to our children and for their tomorrows.


SUMhouse is an agent of transformation.
People now want long term value. Sumhouse
provides security in life by helping people
make ends meet to build stronger families
and strengthen communities. SUMhouse
builds quiet and peaceful dwellings that keep
children and others safe. It is time for a shift
in the way we think because it is NOW time
to acknowledge basic principles for a more
sustainable and better life.


Mark’s diversity in his craft has contributed to well over 100 custom homes in our area, ranging from 400 to 18,000 square feet. This diversity, alongside his registered SUMhouse design process makes him unique among the trade and the natural choice for your new home.


Mark has received the United States Green Building Council’s Platinum Award for Leadership and Excellence in Energy and Environmental Design.


Mark’s Dream is to provide Environmentally Responsible Homes that are Practical, Efficient, Low Maintenance, and all-around better at affordable prices. Let us put his vast experience in building custom homes to work in crafting your new Dream Home today.

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Our Primary Concern

We are a private company that operates with Integrity. We are sincere in our commitment to Quality and Excellence. We are Leaders in our field, yet friendly, approachable and easy to talk with. Our Board of Directors ensures good governance, strategic discipline and effective risk oversight. We are Professionals in every respect. You can trust our company for your every custom home-building need.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some Things To Know

The SUMhouse™ MISSION is to
increase the availability of resilient, efficient,
attractive, sustainable shelter. SUM provides
safety, comfort and savings… instilling peace
of mind. SUMhouse integrates building
science and construction logic with material
and design innovation to advance the
human condition, preserving the earth
and, using proven, simple, but current

SUM does not conform to convention.
This system provides You the highest quality
attainable yet costs much less than other
construction methods.
Utility, insurance and maintenance bills
are lower forever. The SUMhouse is the
most affordable home to own NOW and
for generations to come!

SUMhouse uses comprehensive
interdisciplinary design science to build
green and fast. SUMhouse empowers
people to easily make a responsible choice
for their future. SUM’s tightly insulated shell
gives you a home without organic material
in the structure… to deliver longevity. There
is very little waste, and trees are not used
and the concrete frame is produced locally.
All rainwater is captured and this is the
ideal solar house. The SUMhouse prototype
is certified LEED Platinum and net
zero is a cinch, a passive house
is passively accomplished.

Air quality is accomplished and controlled
with a tight house. Air infiltration is a culprit
which robs a house of air conditioning and
heat. Insulation methods are not created
equal! Foam and mass are true thermal
performers. The SUMhouse concrete is
encapsulated inside and out with no thermal
bridging. SUMhouse is the ideal “passive”
house. The very high R value is only part
of the story. The original SUMhouse HERS
index rating is a 44 which is below the chart
for Energy Star 5 plus. The blower door test
resulted an exceptional .28 ACH50.

SUMhouse is substantially stronger than
traditionally built structures and can
withstand all weather conditions due to its
concrete frame, floors and top. You will
NEVER regret living in a SUMhouse! The
monolithic, composite and ductile structure
is resilient to tornadoes, earthquakes,
projectiles and anything else Mother
Nature cares to dish out. It is completely
noncombustible both inside and out. The
SUMhouse will not burn down or fall apart.
You are SAFER than ever!

We are required to operate under North Carolina statutes and that includes being properly bonded and insured by carrying various pre-defined liability insurance. Beyond that, our workers receive coverage while on the site. We are professionals in every respect.

We build all over Western North Carolina, especially in the Black Mountain/ Asheville/ Swannanoa Valley region. We now have an office in Marion, NC and will gladly consider any locality that you have in mind.

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